Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I love this part!

I love getting to pick winner's and hopefully make someone's day better! =)

So a little late but better late than never right?
My winners are....

Winner of the Reisenthel giveaway is
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shanjol23 said... 13

I love the carrybag in rasterdots mocha. Not sure if Charlie would carry it around but I don't mind doing the shopping with a cute basket like that!
shanjol23 at hotmail dot com
May 11, 2010 4:02 PM
Congratulations Shannon!!!

And the winner of the Seventh Generation Giveaway is....

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DeniseSanborn said... 11

ok signed up for the seventh generation nation.. got my math problem
May 11, 2010 3:16 PM
Congrats Denise!!

I will contact both of you and you have 48 hours to respond to my email before I have to choose another winner.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Craftyear641 on Etsy Review and Giveaway- closed

I love shopping on Etsy. I love hand made gifts and products. I feel like they have so much more meaning because someone lovingly crafted it. I came across Connie’s Shop on Etsy and the books she makes are so cute! Natalie loves books. She will sit and read by herself all the time. The one thing I don’t like about books is that they wear and tear pretty fast with a toddler. When Natalie was an infant she would always chew on the board books, I’m not sure why but now they all have teeth marks in them.

I also think that books make great toys for in the car, but I was always too scared to give her a traditional book because I was nervous that she would poke her eye out. Connie makes soft books that are all fabric. They don’t have any sharp edges and if Natalie chews on them they won’t get teeth marks in them. These books are such a great idea!

We were sent a Pooh book to review; this was perfect because Natalie loves Pooh. Right away she opened up the book and was pointing at the different characters. She could easily turn the pages where with traditional books she has to ask for help a lot. Connie’s books are very well made and can stand up to a toddler.

Connie also makesbibs for toddlers. I have talked before about how I hate messes and toddlers make them all the time! Connie’s bibs are big enough to fit and actually cover a toddler. The rest of the bibs I have are too small and her clothes end up getting dirty anyways. I really like that they are soft fabric and not vinyl. Honestly my husband doesn’t like using the ones that feel like plastic.

Wouldn’t you love to get one of these cute books for your child?

You can visit Connie’s Shop
on Etsy, she also has free shipping if you buy 2 books! That’s a great deal!


Connie has kindly offered one of my readers and bib and book for their child.

Mandatory Entry: Visit Connie’s Shop and pick the item you would like to have the most.

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*I was provided a book and bib to review by Connie, however all opinions expressed here are my own. Giveaway will end on 6/9/10 at 9 PM EST.

Zak! Designs Review and Giveaway- Closed

Natalie is getting to that picky toddler stage. She will not eat any veggies, not one. The only way I can get her to eat veggies is sneaking it in purees. Yes my 18 month old still eats purees, yes everyone stares at me when we are out and she is eating them. Spoon-feeding her the purees worked for a while until she became Miss Independent. She wanted to feed herself everything. I hated messes but soon learned it’s unavoidable. The only utensils I had in the house for her were the ones I was using to feed her. They aren’t exactly baby err toddler friendly. I came across Zak! Designs and loved them! The designs are enticing for little eaters and the utensils are shaped perfectly to fit in their little hands.

When we received our products I washed them right away so Natalie could use them for lunch. She had so much fun feeding herself. She got it everywhere but she ate more than she would let me feed her if I were trying! I love how the spoon and fork have little faces on them; Natalie loved that too. They are shaped to fit a toddler hand; they have little indents on the back for where their fingers should go.

One of my favorite products is the nibble tray Nibble Tray. Natalie eats all day long so this is perfect for her. I just cut up fruits or if we are attempting veggies and fill the tray. She loves this because she feels like she is deciding what she eats. She also loves dipping her food and it has it’s own dip tray that you can chill!

Here is a little bit more about the company in their words:
Since 1976, Zak Designs has been committed to making mealtime fun for people around the world. Whether it's through dinnerware and on-the-go products that feature children's favorite characters or tableware and kitchen prep products that represent the latest global fashion statements, Zak gives people the mealtime products that fit their appetites.

They also have a new interactive feature on their site that I really like called Meal Time Fun. You can exchange recipes that you use to get your toddler to eat healthier.

Zak! Products definitely made my must have list. They have made mealtime so much easier with Natalie.

You can try some of your own by going to Zak! Designs Website and finding a location to purchase.
You can win a Nibble Tray and Smoothie Sipper right here for your child!

Mandatory Entry:
Visit Zak! Designs
 and pick your favorite product.

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*I was provided products to review by Zak! Designs but I was not compensated for my review, all opinions expressed here are my own. Giveaway will end on 6/8/10 at 9 PM EST.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Ever since Natalie was born we have been very lucky to have someone in the family pass things down to us. It has mostly been the same person. I have appreciated it so much! She had both boys but she has still found things that Natalie and I can use and passed them along. We have still had to buy some things for her but we have been pretty spoiled. Natalie has more toys than most kids her age, and she even has boxes of toys that she isn’t ready for yet! Everyone says she is spoiled, and she is in that she has a lot of stuff but we don’t buy her every single thing she wants.

Well this family member had a ton of outdoor toys that she wanted to pass along. So I took Hubby’s truck to her house (an hour away) and picked up all the stuff. I was expecting a few things but we ended up with the pick up bed full! Natalie loves to be outside so this is such a blessing. This was my first act of kindness for the day. She did not ask me to pay her a dime for all of the toys that she gave us. She saved us so much money by just passing these along!

Natalie and I headed on our happy way home. It was getting late and we were going to be late for Natalie’s bedtime, which I hate. Oh well, one night won’t hurt. So I’m driving along on the highway, I hit a bump and one of the little plastic cars (kind of like a Little Tykes Coup) flies out of the back of the truck!!!! I freaked out, slammed on the brakes and pulled over. This little car landed in the middle of the highway. People are swerving so they don’t hit it and I’m standing here wondering what I should do. Finally there is a break in the traffic and I run out and grab it. I thought to myself “Oh crap, this is heavy!” There was no way I was going to carry it back to the truck and then try to figure out how to get it back into the truck. Just as I was figuring this out a car stopped on the side of the road. Out hops a teenage boy asking if I need help. I was super nervous at first, I was alone with Natalie. I said sure and we started the walk back to the truck with him carrying the car. I was trying to make small talk but I was so scared that he was going to hurt Natalie or me. I really didn’t know what to do. I just kept walking and talking and he was really nice. He helped me put the car in the truck and I thanked him over and over. I was shocked that he just stopped to help me with no reason behind it. Did I mention it was 90 degrees with like 85% humidity? I was sweating just from walking.

The whole way home I was thinking about this boy and how he stopped to help me just to be kind. It got me thinking about what I do or have done and I realized that I don’t do enough. We aren’t rich by any means but I feel like I should do something more to help others. I haven’t figured out yet what I need to do but I need to do something. There just aren’t enough nice people in this world anymore.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Announcing winners is one of my favorite things about hosting giveaways on my blog. I have a Mac so when I try to copy & paste into my blog it only goes up to 100. I'm not sure how to change that but if anyone knows, please let me know!

Winner of the CSN Giveaway is   
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Owen's Mom said... 156
Tweet! andrea.kruse at gmail dot com
zookeeperjess said... 64

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kindeglo Review and Giveaway

Ever since Natalie was born I have used a nightlight. When she was in our room I had a night light on. It was just a lot more convenient for me so I could see what I was doing. It has now turned into a comfort for Natalie to have a nightlight, she cannot sleep without one. We have tried to sleep without one when we went away and I forgot the nightlight, we end up sleeping with a lamp on and it’s no fun. She has gotten to the age though where she wants to play with her nightlight, turn it on and off or play with the actual bulb. One reason this is bad is because she could burn herself on the bulb, but also because she could break it.

I was browsing blogs one day and came across a Kinderglo review. I was thinking what in the world is this and why do I need it? Well, I will tell you what it is. Kinderglo lights are LED nightlights that are never hot to the touch. The LED bulbs won’t break or burn out as fast as the traditional bulbs. I love that I can have one on in Natalie’s room and not have to worry about her burning herself. The nightlights glow in soothing hues, they even change colors! Here is a little bit more from their site on the details:

Never hot to touch, Kinderglo LED nightlights bathe a room in soft light, easing even the most fretful kids into a good night’s sleep and guarding them through the dark.

Our small soothing pals are perfect to be built into the daily bedtime routine and provide extra comfort for your children, who can safely keep their little friends in their bed all night.

That’s right, the kids can hold them! They even make a half moon design that is shaped so it has a handle for them to hold. I was so excited when we received our package; I opened it up right away. Natalie just loved them. She loves watching them change colors and she thought it was pretty neat I let her carry them around. I let her play with them for a bit but then put them up. I want them to be associated with bedtime and not playtime.

One of the features that I love about them is they are so easy to pack up and take with you. With our old nightlight I had to worry about breaking the bulb in travel, these are so durable that I don’t have to worry. I also love that if we are going to be in the car at night, I can let Natalie hold one so she won’t be scared of the dark.
All around these are just great nightlights, the battery lasts 8-10 hours and they can be recharged up to 500 times! No more buying light bulbs for the nightlight!

Would you like to have a Kinderglo Nightlight for your child?

You can purchase one on Kinderglo’s website or on Amazon. Kinderglo has provided a discount code for my readers! You can use it to save $3 per nightlight! Enter this code at the Amazon checkout: AJLDJCIA

Three of my lucky readers will each get a nightlight of their own thanks to the wonderful people at Kinderglo!

Mandatory Entry:
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Thanks for entering!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Backpack, Backpack

I very recently became interested in baby wearing. I have an 18 month old DD. She loves to be independent and see everything but she isn’t old enough to walk on her own. She is too independent to let me hold her hand so everywhere we go it becomes a struggle of me chasing her around. I take the stroller most everywhere we go but she always wants out after about 15 minutes and then I’m stuck pushing the stroller and chasing Natalie. I really needed a solution to our issue because what we were doing just wasn’t working. I started looking into carriers for toddlers. I asked around on twitter (my go to place). And found that when it comes to baby wearing what works for one doesn’t always work for everyone. There were so many different opinions on which carrier was better that I think it confused me more than anything. There were so many carriers that I wanted to try but the price was pretty high. There was no way I could talk Hubby into letting me get one of these carriers when we are going to get more than a few months use out of it (so I thought).

I waited and kept researching, I checked the swap board but they were still too pricey. One day Ergo Carriers came on I was so stoked! I waited a few hours to order though, I still wasn’t sure if I had convinced Hubby. He said yes so I went ahead an ordered it. I received it within a week and as soon as we got it I tried it on with Nat. We were home alone but I still wanted to try the back carry. It was a little difficult but we got it ok. Snapped a few pics and it was nap time.
That night when Hubby got home from work we went outside and played basketball with Natalie in the Ergo. She had so much and felt like she was right there with us playing. It was so sturdy that I never worried about her falling out or even being uncomfortable. I have used it many times since to make dinner or do the dishes.
Today I decided to push mow the grass with Natalie in the Ergo! It was kind of spur of the moment but this kid loves being outside and the grass needed to be mowed. So I strapped her on in the back carry which we are getting much better at and off we went! We had so much fun. She kept pointing to the animals in the yard and leaning over my shoulder to see what was going on. I will be doing this more often now!

It’s just starting to get warmer out but I can’t wait to use the Ergo more, I am already thinking of all the places I can take it. One thing I really like about it is that if Natalie wants down, the carrier is light enough that I can still wear it and chase her around, so far she doesn’t want down though.

When I want to put her in the carrier I ask her if she wants to go in Mommy’s Backpack because she is a huge Dora fan. She repeats back to me “backpack backpack”. I love that we have a special name for it and she knows exactly what I’m talking about when I say it.

Now I just wish I had looked into baby wearing when she was younger. I feel like wearing her gives us such a special bond, we are sharing things that she will never share with anyone else. I feel like she learns so much more because she has a great view of the world.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reisenthel Review & Giveaway- closed

I have talked before about how I am trying to change my ways and become more “green”. In trying to change I would like to use reusable bags every time I grocery shop or buy anything really. Maybe I should set my goals a little lower… how about 75% of the time? I made this goal oh let’s say a year or so ago. I know it was sometime after Natalie was born. I bought the bags from Meijer and vowed that I would use them when I went grocery shopping. I would bring them in the house to unpack and then forget them. With both hands full of baby or baby gear I would walk into the store and remember my bags were at home! I really couldn’t find a good way to get in the habit. Even when they did make it to my car I would get in the store and to the checkout and realize they were in my car, with a baby and a full cart there is no way I’m running back outside.

In my search to the solution for this problem I came across Reisenthel. I love the look of their bags, but I knew that I wanted to try the Mini Maxi Shopper L. It looks like a great size to carry enough groceries but the feature that I really loved about it is that it comes with it’s own carrying pouch! When you are done using it you just fold it back up and put it in the pouch. It’s small enough to throw it in your diaper bag or purse so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it!

Some of the features of the Mini Maxi Shopper L from their site:
*Can be packed into separate pouch
*2 long carrier handles, can also be used as shoulder straps
* Available in over 15 colours and pattern variations
* Volume 18 liters= 4.75 Gallons
* Capacity Max 15 kg= 33 pounds!

One thing that I was worried about with the carrying pouch is that it wouldn't fit back in there. If you have ever used a sleeping bag or tent, you know that you can never fold them back the way they came out and they don’t go back. Well with these you don’t have to fold them perfect they just slide right back in. I was very impressed with that. I have a toddler I don’t have time to stand there and fiddle with a bag trying to get it to go back.

I really love these bags, I need to order more so that I can keep 1 in the car, 1 in the diaper bag and 1 in Hubby’s truck.

Reisenthel also has many other great bags. I would also love to try the Loopshopper L, it looks like it would hold a ton of groceries!

Want to try a Reinsenthel bag for yourself?

Buy one by visiting and locating a store near you.


You can WIN one here! Reisenthel has offered to give 1 of my lovely readers a Mini Maxi Shopper of their very own.

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Seventh Generation Review & Giveaway- closed

I love cleaning my house, well not love but somebody has to do it right? I normally use cleaners that have chemicals in them and never think twice about it. I hate the smells but I usually open the windows or turn on the bathroom fan and keep my DD away from where I am cleaning. I have been looking into more natural cleaners and recently switched mostly to vinegar and water. It works ok but my Hubby can’t stand the smell. I didn’t feel like I was getting a good clean. I then came across
Seventh Generation cleaners. I just knew I had to try them!

I started researching more into the company because I was curious how they came up with these “green” cleaning products. Here is a little bit from their mission statement on their site that says a lot about the company.

Inspire Conscious Consumption
Our focus is to inspire thoughtful consideration of each purchase—from the immediate impact of the products you buy (Is it safe? Is it gentle on the earth? Does it work?), to the broader impact throughout their lifecycle.

 Toxic Chemical Policy Reform:
Americans assume that chemicals used to make ordinary products are tested for safety — but often they are not. Seventh Generation has partnered with the Safer Chemicals, Health Families Coalition to create the Million Baby Crawl campaign. The Million Baby Crawl allows consumers to join tens of thousands of Americans calling on Congress to strengthen federal laws regulating toxic chemicals used in products ranging from household cleaners to baby bottles.

I feel like their focus totally fits with the lifestyle that I want for my family and myself.
I received a Free & Clear Starter Kit to try out. Which includes; Disinfecting Multi- Surface, Disinfecting Bathroom, Disinfecting Wipes, Laundry Detergent, Liquids Fabric Softener, Dish liquid, All- Purpose Cleaner, Auto- Dish Pacs, Glass Cleaner, Nautral Paper Towel, Seventh Gen Recycled Bag.

As soon as I opened the box I found something to clean! My sliders are always dirty. Natalie just loves to look out them and has to put her hands on them. I have learned that it’s ok if they aren’t clean all the time, but this gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the Natural Glass Cleaner. I sprayed a small amount and cleaned as usual. At first it was a little streaky but I let it dry and it came out just fine!

Next I moved to the bathroom that seems like it always needs to be cleaned. The very first thing I noticed when I used the Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner
was that there was no harsh chemical smell! I didn’t have to turn on the bathroom fan to use it. It did have a slight smell but it wasn’t a bad smell just clean. It worked really well in cleaning my whole bathroom.

When I received the kit everyone in the house was sick. We have been passing it back and forth for a few weeks but I didn’t want to disinfect the house with something that was going to be worse for us. I got the Disinfecting Wipes out right away. I wiped all the doorknobs, bathroom surfaces and also Nat’s crib. The smell wasn’t the best, it smells like lemongrass and thyme but it went away quickly. I felt so much better after wiping all the surfaces knowing that it was 99.9 % effective at killing germs.

I have since tried out almost all of the products and I love them all equally. I feel really safe using them around my DD knowing that there are no chemical vapors that are going to harm her, or even better yet, leach in to my skin and harm me. I have been looking forward to cleaning more lately! For me this product is more about peace of mind.

Want to try Seventh Generation cleaners on your house?

Buy them: You can go to their website and find a store near you that carries Seventh Generation products.


You can WIN them here! Seventh Generation has been kind enough to offer the Free & Clear Starter Kit to one of my readers! The starter kit includes Disinfecting Multi- Surface, Disinfecting Bathroom, Disinfecting Wipes, Laundry Detergent, Liquids Fabric Softener, Dish liquid, All- Purpose Cleaner, Auto- Dish Pacs, Glass Cleaner, Nautral Paper Towel, Seventh Gen Recycled Bag.

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* I was provided products to review by Seventh Generation, however all opinions expressed here are purely my own. This is open to U.S and Canada Residents. Giveaway will end on 5/25/10 at 9 PM EST.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I am the type of person who loves reading blogs. I love going from site to site and seeing what is going on in everyone’s lives. I love that I can relate to some or all that they are going through and it makes me feel more normal as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). It’s hard to find normalcy when you don’t know what “normal” SAHM’s are going through. To me, it feels like a little window into their life. It’s so personal yet they are sharing it with me.

That said I also love going from blog to blog and reading the reviews and entering the giveaways. It’s so much fun and the anticipation of whether you will win or not is great! I never realized until I became a review blogger how much work really went into a review. You can just sit down and think it all up. You have to use the product and think about what you will say and how you will say it. You actually have to spend time thinking about what you will say, how you will keep your readers entertained. So I wanted to say thank you to all the review bloggers out there! I really appreciate all of your hard work for bringing up honest reviews so that we may base our decisions to buy off of your posts.

Also while I’m here, I want to give a shout out to some of the blogs that I read (almost) daily. I love them and like I said before, they make me feel normal!

Mandy over at Big City! Baby because she is one cool momma!

Madison from Life Happens During Naptime ( love the name too!)
Life Happens During Naptime

Amanda from Among The Mess because she is good company on twitter and her kiddos are cute!

Jess over at Welcome to the Zoo because she is such a sweetheart.


Mindy from The Inquisitive Mom because her posts are always so honest and heartfelt.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Zestra Rush Review and Giveaway- closed

I have a toddler. Most of the time by the end of the day I am ready to fall into bed and not think about another thing. Hubby has other “ideas”. And most of the time unfortunately he gets the response “I’m too tired” or “I’m not in the mood”. Poor guy. When I heard about an opportunity to test out Zestra Rush, a product that will help you feel more in the mood, I couldn’t wait to try it out. I want that time with my Hubby I just don’t have the energy.

Here is a little more about the product from the website:

Zestra is a safe, patented blend of botanicals oils and extracts, created to help women feel more — effortlessly. Topically applied Zestra works within minutes by heightening your sensitivity to touch – for deep, pleasurable sensations, sexual satisfaction and fulfillment.

I received Zestra in the mail in a very discreet package. I don’t like to talk about these things or for other people to know so that was relieving for me! My mom got the mail for me that day and had no idea!

We tested out the Zestra, it says to start with a whole packet and from there decide how much you need for future use. I think I need less! But it was really nice. I didn’t have to worry about being in the mood. It really boosted the way I um felt. And Hubby wasn’t complaining!

I feel like with a toddler or any child around, you have to work to have intimacy in your relationship. For me, Zestra took part of the work out of it for me.

Want to try some Zestra Rush for yourself?

You can buy it by visiting their website.


You can WIN some here! 3 of my readers will receive a 2 pack to try out for themselves.

Giveaway is closed.

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Greenzys Review and Giveaway- closed

When I was growing up my parents didn’t even know what “green” meant, other than a color of course. Now that I’m older and live on my own I make my own life style decisions. We have decided to be more “green” as a family. It’s been a little hard retraining ourselves with some things. Now that we are used to it though, the changes are great, and better for our families in most ways.

I came across a book called Greenzys, it is geared towards children to help teach them early on to be more “green”. I read through the book before I let Natalie see it and it was so cute! The illustrations are great and the story is written in a way for children to understand. Now I think Natalie is a little too young to understand the meaning of the book but I’m happy about letting her read it over and over until she is old enough to get it.

They also offer stuffed plush animals that match the characters in the book, what a neat idea! Here is a little about their plush animals from their site:

The soft cuddly plush toys are made in socially responsible factories from soy fibers and non-toxic dyes with packaging made from recycled paperboard. When you purchase one of these loveable toys, you and your child will have an opportunity to actively help preserve the environment.  For every toy purchased, a tree is planted. Your child can personalize a printable, digital certificate documenting the planting of the tree that they will cherish forever. Imagine the excitement children will experience knowing they can personally make a difference!

I also really like the company who makes Greenzys; they are very Eco Friendly. When you make a purchase of one of their stuffed toys or books they make contribution to a green non-profit organization! How awesome is that! First, you are helping your child learn to be more green and you are making a contribution at the same time!

Want a Book and plush of your own? Books can be purchased from, FAO Schwarz New York, Kids Books Section of Green Depot Retailers and Green The Plush animals can be found at and FAO Schwarz New York.

Or you can WIN your very own copy of the book here:

Giveaway is closed.

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