Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Duck Organics Review and Giveaway

My toddler is a snacker. I have such a hard time getting her to sit down for meals and when I do I feel like she doesn’t eat much. I can ask her at any given time during the day and she will say she is hungry though. I love to keep snacks on hand for her so that she stays satisfied. It’s very easy to get into the routine of giving her what is easy and not always making sure what she eats is healthy. I found Little Duck Organics snacks and they are the perfect solution for this dilemma. They are so easy! They come in a pouch and I just pour them into a little cup and let Natalie have it. She loves it because she feels like a big girl carrying around her snack!

We were sent the Strawberry/ Mango, Blueberry/Apple, and Strawberry/Banana to review. I assumed that Natalie’s favorite would be the blueberry apple because she loves blueberries but she surprised me and she loved the Strawberry/Mango. She kept coming to me signing “more”. I think she ate half of the package in 1 snack time. I didn’t feel bad giving them to her either! Talk about a gilt free snack.

Here is a little more from their site:
Tiny Fruits are naturally delicious baby snacks made with 100% real organic fruit. Each bag contains four full servings of fruit so you can feel good knowing that you are giving your child the vitamins and nutrients they need for healthy development.

Want to try some for your child?

You can purchase your own by going to their site and shopping online or you can find a store in your area that carries them.


Little Duck Organics has provided 3 bags of their snacks to give away to 1 of my lucky readers!!!
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*I was given Little Duck Organics snack to review but I was not paid for my review, all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The first big incident

The title of the post says it all, well most of it anyway. Natalie had her first big incident this past weekend. We took a road trip to Chicago to visit some family. We had a pretty busy weekend planned and the trip down went perfectly. Natalie got a little fussy at the end but I turned on Diego and all was good again. She fell asleep too and even got about an hour nap. Our first stop was Dh’s grandma’s house. Hubby’s aunt wasn’t supposed to be home but she got out of work early. She was very happy that she was going to be able to see Natalie since it’s been over a year since we have seen them. When we first arrived Natalie was still napping so we decided to wait in the car until she woke up, it only took a few minutes. We went inside and were greeted with hugs and warm welcomes. Natalie was being very shy, even shy for her. She is shy by nature but she wouldn’t even take her head off of Hubby’s shoulder to look up. They have a dog so I thought it would be a good icebreaker for her to pet the dog because she loves dogs. (This is where I mention that it’s a pretty decent size dog, they stand face to face.) Hubby put her down by the dog and she reached out to pet it and he snapped and bit her! I wasn’t right there; I just heard all the commotion. Hubby didn’t think the dog had actually gotten her at first but then she started bleeding pretty badly.

I took her thinking she would calm down but she just kept screaming “dog dog” and pointing where the dog was. She didn’t understand what had happened at all. She wouldn’t calm down a bit and after I few minutes I suggested we leave so that we could all calm down. I had been holding in all my emotions from the moment it happened, when I got in the car I just exploded. I burst into tears and I couldn’t hold it back anymore. That just made Natalie more upset so I tried to cry quietly. Meanwhile, my mom called our pediatrician to see what we should do. I didn’t want to take her in but I was so worried about the bacteria. Sure enough her doc said to take her straight to the ER. She said that even if we were in MI that she would want us to take her just because of the risk of infection.

We finally found an ER and took her straight there. Once inside we got the millions of questions. I felt bad telling them about the dog because I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble. I know it was just an accident but Natalie is my baby so I was really having mixed feelings. The doc looked at her bite and said it was pretty bad. He then asked if we had cleaned it out at all. Hubby and I just looked at each other like, it was very important to do that and we both flaked out on it! We did put antibiotic ointment on it though, doesn’t that count for something? They finally cleaned it out and did X-rays. The doc said that since it was so deep they didn’t want to stitch it because it could essentially just trap the bacteria in the wound. The X-rays were fine so they just put some glue and bandages on her hand and said we were free to go. Natalie was doing great by this point; I think it was harder on me than it was on her. As long as nobody touched her hand she was calm.

We finally left the ER with a bandaged hand and a prescription for antibiotics. I am happy to say that her hand is healing very well. She isn’t scared of dogs at all, which is wonderful. But she is scared of loud noises now. When we are playing outside if there is a loud car or truck that goes by she comes running up to me crying. It just breaks my heart because she wasn’t skittish at all before. I am very thankful though that for her some day she probably won’t remember this. Mommy will never forget it but we will get over it. Hubby said I was overacting but it was one of those situations where you beat yourself up because it even happened.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CSN Review

I have had an amazing opportunity to host a giveaway for in the past. I loved it and I had great success on my blog. Now I am going to be doing a review for them as well. I couldn’t be more excited! This is a great company to work with. They have over 200 online stores! They have such a wide variety of things including outdoor furniture, dining room sets, baby stuff and even shoes! I have no idea what I’m going to select to review yet but I sure will have fun looking!

So stay tuned for an awesome review coming soon. Thanks so much for reading!