Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey you, what's that smell???

I am a cloth diaper lover. I didn’t start out with cloth but switched when DD was almost 6 months. We had a great start in them. Nat could wear just about any kind or brand without an issue. I had a great laundry routine and never had an issue with build up. Then we bought a house. We moved into the country and all of a sudden there was this foul (foul doesn’t really begin to cover it) smell coming from our diapers. When they came out of the dryer they were fine, as soon as she peed it was terrible. I ended up changing her diaper way too often because I couldn’t stand the smell. Now, if you don’t currently use cloth I don’t want to scare you away from it. I still love cloth this is just a hurdle we had to cross.

I tried stripping and stripping, I tried Dawn Dish soap, I tried adding Calgon, I did the Oxy/vinegar soak. Nothing was working and I assumed we were stuck with stinky diapers. I even told Dh that if I couldn’t figure it out I was going to (gasp) quit cloth diapering. I really didn’t want to do this as I have a stash I love. Sometimes I think I buy the diapers more for myself than for Natalie. Shh don’t tell Dh!!!

A few months ago we did a Cloth Diaper Swap on a board I belong to. I was sent a sample of Yoreganics Soap Nuts. I was skeptical at first because the whole idea seemed kind of weird to me, but they were free so of course I was going to try them. I used my regular wash routine only adding the reusable bag of Soap Nuts to the was instead of the detergent I wash using. I didn’t add Calgon either. I wanted to see what would happen with no Calgon because that stuff was getting expensive. My diapers came out so soft and not stinky!! I wanted to order more right away but I had ¾ of a bag of the “old” stuff so I started using that on my regular laundry to use it up. I ended up buying this bag of Yoreganics Soap Nuts at a cloth diaper party I went to. I started using them full time this week. I am happy to report that we will still be cloth diapering. I am so happy that the stink is finally gone!!! Yay!!!

The things I love about Soap Nuts:
      1. They are economical
      2. I don't have to guess at how much to add, just add the little bag
      3. They are eco friendly and biodegradeable
      4. They are USDA certified Organic
      5. They are a natural fabric softener
      6. Unscented so they are great for sensitive skin too!

So if you are having stink issues you should try Yoreganics Soap Nuts!!!


Mandy said...

Heck yeah- I think my stink is gone too! Yeah Yoreganics!

Mad {Life Happens During Naptime} said...

I may just have to try those. Nothing is working for our skunky dipes.