Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

When I was a child we always watch Alvin and the Chipmunks. I loved the movie and I really like the show. You could say I grew up watching it. I had an older brother and sister so I always watched shows that were above my age. But Alvin and the Chipmunks were always good for various age groups.

When the updated versions of the movies came out I had to watch them. They were still so cute even as an adult. Natalie has not yet seen them but she will someday and I’m sure she will love them as much as I do. I still wanted her to be a part of them even at her age. Natalie loves music so I decided to get the soundtrack to so that we could listen to it together. What a great idea! Natalie loved it! I wish I could tell what she really thought, but she was just jamming away. She was bobbing her head and it was just the cutest thing I have ever seen! I brought it to the car for road trips now and it worked really well. The music kept her entertained and she didn’t get fussy at all.

You really should try out this CD with your child. It has great upbeat music and they are all modern songs that you would know.

Here are the tracks that are on the CD:
1. You Really Got Me - The Chipmunks (feat. Honor Society)

2. Hot N Cold - The Chipettes

3. So What - The Chipettes

4. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - The Chipmunks

5. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - The Chipettes

6. Bring It On - The Chipmunks

7. Stayin' Alive - The Chipmunks

8. Song - The Chipettes (feat. Queensberry)

9. It's OK - The Chipmunks

10. Shake Your Groove Thing - The Chipmunks

11. Put Your Records on - The Chipettes

12. I Want To Know What Love Is - The Chipmunks

13. We Are Family - The Chipettes & The Chipmunks

14. No One - The Chipettes (feat. Charice)

15. I Gotta Feeling - The Chipettes & The Chipmunks

You can purchase this CD through Amazon or Itunes .

Check it out!!!


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