Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simply Sunday

Today was a great day! Hubby had the day off work and we had nothing planned. Grandma was supposed to take Natalie for the day but in the end she didn’t feel up to it. I will admit, I was a little bummed at first. I was looking forward to a whole day baby free so I could clean the house (really). I clean the house day to day but don’t get much chance to scrub everything clean. Hubby wanted to watch football all day. Well we ended up having a pretty nice family day. Dh had the football game on in the background and him and Nat played most of the day. I cleaned the entire house and then snuck away by myself to go grocery shopping. I don’t like grocery shopping but it’s much easier without an almost 15 month old in tow. So I wandered around the grocery store like it was my first time there. People looked at me like I was crazy because I was just taking my time enjoying my “alone” time. It’s weird what alone time turns into when you have a baby. Even still I enjoyed my time at the store.
I came home and made dinner and we had a nice dinner at the table, it was not gourmet by any means but we appreciated one another’s company.
Now we have another football game on, I snuck away to blog and tweet but I’m headed back to family time to play with Natalie while Hubby watches the game.