Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour

Hubby and I observed Earth Hour on Saturday March 27th, 2010.  When I heard about Earth Hour it was actually that day and I was on the computer and Hubby was playing his video games. Whenever we want time to ourselves that’s what we do. He plays video games and I have computer time. It’s not a great way to spend time together but sometimes you just need alone time.

Back to Earth Hour. I’m not sure if it changed the world but I am pretty sure it changed our marriage. I text Hubby to see if he wanted to observe Earth Hour with me and he said sure. He wasn’t too optimistic but we thought it would be fun. That was at 8:29 P.M, we started Earth Hour at 8:30.

We met in the kitchen and it was completely dark. We had no plans of what to do, just to spend time together without using power. So I scrounged up all the candles I could find. Hubby opened a beer and poured me a giant glass of wine. We don’t drink often so this was a nice indulgence. We decided to play cards but we don’t know any 2-player games. We then used Hubby’s phone (shh) to look up the rules for Gin. We started playing and actually ended up sitting there for 2 hours playing cards by candlelight. We just chatted and enjoyed each other.

The next night we took our usual posts at the TV and computer. A few minutes later Hubby text me to ask if I wanted to play cards again, so we did. It was so much fun. I think we might try to make card playing a weekly thing. It was nice to pretty much do “nothing”. It was so relaxing and we really enjoyed the company.

I hope Earth Hour made in impact but if not I know it made an impact on our marriage.


Mandy said...

That's awesome! I totally forgot about it, until it was 8:50... we could've still observed an Earth Hour, I guess but we didn't. Candles & booze are always a little bit of fun! :)

furygirl3132 said...

That sounds like so much fun! My hubby and I used to play cards and cribbage together with a few beers and had a blast. I am a new follower from FFF at the Mom Bloggers Club. Glad to have found your blog! Have a great day!