Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am always really good about doing our taxes right away. Hubby can usually print his W-2 off at his work on January 1st. We don’t have a ton of other stuff to claim, usually. Before this year we didn’t have a mortgage to claim. In all honesty we usually have our taxes BACK by the beginning of February.  We always have a plan of debts that we want to pay off, money we want to spend and money we want to save.

This past year we bought a house that means that we qualify for the New Homebuyer tax credit, exciting right? Well, it is exciting but when I went to file our taxes on January 15th, the form for the credit wasn’t ready. It said it would be ready by January 18th. On January 21st I finally got an email saying it was ready. I hurried over to Turbo Tax to finish our taxes so that we could get them back ASAP and get the money where it needed to go. I get over to Turbo Tax and find out that because of the form we have to submit our taxes my mail… I knew it would be a while if we did that but it would be worth the wait. Well I asked Hubby to bring me home a stamp, 4 days later and our taxes finally went out.

Now the waiting starts, I keep checking the site about every other day. I know it says to wait a week to check again but I can’t help it, surely they could get it and update the status in a day or two. So I check and check and check. Finally on March 6th, they receive our taxes. And here comes the fun part, the website says that we should receive our taxes on APRIL 6th as long as there are no errrors. APRIL 6th?!?! I filed two and a half months prior to that. I have never had a return tax this long. Now we are all bummed because it feels like our lives are on hold. Ok it’s not that huge of a deal but still we have a really good plan for becoming debt free and we want to get the ball rolling now! Not on April 6th, now!!!

There’s my rant, I’m happy for the tax credit but it really stinks that it’s going to take so long!


Amy said...

I hate doing tax stuff. We just got all our paperwork to the accountant last week! Hope your refund comes soon!